Forever changing sky

I fell in love with this place, with the every changing sky to the West, where no sunset is ever the same

The village on the edge of the east and west divide fills my heart with joy peace and wellbeing

Peace and tranquility in summer’s dry heat or winters crisp cold it is an easy place and pace to live love and enjoy

Turquoise water from the lakes feeds parched land and hills whos vistas spread as far as the eye can see to be enjoyed by all

In this place of the forever changing sky i greet and enjoy the company of family and friends in the familiar spaces and places where steam once bellowed and the land gave up the gold

This land and these valleys surrounding provide an abundance of delights for the tastebuds with flavours that resonate with the forever changing sky. Brews of yesterday and grapes with many mouthwatering varieties enhance and delight the senses

The evening light gives way to the dark sky and the stars and moon rise to remind us of our place in the universe while we search for the movement that reminds us of our age

This place etched in history and soon to be my home is a happy tranquil place full of life and love of my family.

I long to be in the place with the every changing sky this place I will call home.